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These are a few examples with who I already worked and what those projects looked like.
Also check out their webpages, it's worth it!

If you want to have your own photo shooting in and around Switzerland, don't hesitate to contact me. 

And if you are interested in what working with me would be like, check out some oppinions here.



Sonja Traxel

FRIDA® – that is a holistic concept for inner and outer strength that is developed by Sonja Traxel. At the same time, FRIDA® is your inner self (the German “Schweinehund” – the inner self that prevents you from doing what you should or want), and Sonja teaches you how to accept it and efficiently work together with it. Sonja is giving seminars, workshops and talks for your personal development, and at the same time offers a holistic long-term fitness concept to connect with your development.

       I started working with Sonja when she needed a portrait shooting for her website, and at the moment provide her with photo material for the website, flyers or for social media. Working with her is a great exchange of knowledge, ideas and input, and together we always find solutions for what she has in mind. A very fun way to work!

       If you have the feeling you might need help to get fit and find and use your strength, don’t hesitate to contact her at


Against all doubt  -

Tanja Haag

Against all doubt - that is the webpage and blog of Tanja Haag, a trained life coach and passionate traveller. Tanja supports you when your life seems to be out of balance, and provides you with insights into her personal learnings and the travel experiences that influenced her. She coaches you when you have to deal with stress, challenges and change that are overwhelming you, and teaches you the methods to find back the right balance for your life.

       I started working with Tanja when she wanted to have more professional photos on her website, and until today regularly provide her with images for the website or for her post in the blog and on social media. She gives me the topic of her article, and together we find a suitable image to support her content. A very creative and interactive way of working that I really like!

       If you have the feeling that your life is out of balance or the challenges you are facing are too big to deal with, don't hesitate to contact Tanja on


Herbs by Mutter Erde  -

Herbs and whole-leaf teas by Bettina Berchtold-Zabel and Marc Zabel

Mutter Erde („Mother Earth“) – that is the little herb making facility of Bettina Berchtold-Zabel und Marc Zabel. Since 2006, in the beautiful south of the black forest at 450m altitude, they grow around 50 different herbs under controlled biological conditions. Exceptional teas of the highest whole-leaf quality and wonderful herbal salts with a very special aroma are created entirely by hand. An exclusive taste experience in which you can feel how much passion and energy there is in the products - an energy that supplies also the soul with sunshine.

       During photo shoot with Mutter Erde, we were putting the teas and herbs into their true light, which soon ran all by itself. I also photographed their present boxes for a Christmas advertisement letter, which was sent out to various companies. Working with Bettina and Marc was a lot of fun, more and more ideas were thrown in and implemented - a type of work that I like very much because it’s not dictated, but develops out of the situation. 

       Right now while I am writing, I am enjoying one of the wonderful whole-leaf teas - and I can only recommend you to do the same and pay a visit to Mutter Erde at


Anita van der Klooster

Physiotherapy is not only for humans, but also for animals - after all, also animals can have functional or movement disorders that need to be treated. Anita is specialized in dogs, cats and horses, and offers diverse therapy forms from massages over electro- and hydrotherapy to bioresonance therapy. She does an amazing job and you can see that she really loves what she is doing. That was also why the afternoon with her dogs was so much fun - relaxed atmosphere, knowing the animals really well, and making it work for the dogs as well as for me.

       If you need physiotherapy for your dog, horse or cat, don't hesitate to have a look at Anita's website to find out more about her therapy-forms and her expertise. You will be in very good hands with her at


nature moves you  -

Paul Klasa

Nature moves you – that is the new training and movement program by Paul Klasa. Using Animal Movement as a basis and integrating elements of Capoeira and Parkour, he developed a holistic approach to bring more motion back into our adult life. While children are moving constantly and are thus fit and flexible, adults move a lot less, get stiff, and often lack the time and motivation for training. This is why Paul developed a concept for parents and children together, but of course also for adults without kids – a training that is based on fun, curiosity, and our connection to nature.

       The photo shooting with Paul for his homepage was full of fun, ideas, nice places and a bit of good timing. He already had a clear idea of what he wanted, and together we optimized the settings and compositions to achieve the best possible results. I was happy to provide him with interesting photos, he was happy to have me as a support for his homepage – a clear win win situation!

       If you are interested in exciting new training concepts for you and your family, have a look at his homepage at

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