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As a potential client, you of course want to know what working with me would be like, right? To give you a first impression, here are some testimonials from former and current clients. 

For more information about some of my clients, please click here.

If you want to have your own photo shooting in and around Switzerland, or if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me - I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Sonja Traxel - FRIDA

"Photos that look professional and natural for my website.
Verena's pictures have a strong effect on me, they convey freedom and vastness. That's exactly what I wanted to express on my homepage for personal development, so I absolutely wanted one of her pictures on my front page. I quickly developed a coherent concept for the subpages as well, because her images harmonize with each other in a special way. In addition, I wanted portrait shots in the greenery and a few city impressions and I booked a shooting. In a park the beautiful and very natural photos were taken, which present me as a person on my homepage. Lighting conditions, the weather and the hustle and bustle in the park were a great challenge for concentrated work, but Verena managed amazingly well to adjust to me and my wishes and managed to take everything into account besides what is needed for good shots. She puts her all into it and spares no effort to get a good shot. We had a lot of fun and I think that expresses itself in the photos. It was important to me that it didn't look posed, because I ultimately want to convey authenticity in my work. I didn't know what I wanted exactly, but with keywords like lightness, serenity, joie de vivre, she was able to deal with them without any problems and transfer them into the pictures. Even when I said I wanted to show a dominance pose, she immediately had suitable ideas and the result is better than I could have ever pretended.
I just felt comfortable and had no trouble showing myself. Thank you for that, Verena! This was followed by another business shooting with difficult room lighting conditions, again she created professional shots and a private has-and-the-city-shooting - just for fun. I like to use her wonderful landscape and detail shots for my quote pictures, for which I always find something suitable and expressive in her portfolio."

Tanja Haag - against all doubt

“When I need a new picture for my articles there is no easier way than working with Verena. I just send her my article and then get a selection of fitting photographs. After a short brainstorm on why I like which photo she either goes back to her stock or makes new ones. The only challenge for me is in the end to choose only one.”

Kräuterei Mutter Erde

"We - from the herbalist Mother Earth - needed professional pictures for a Christmas gift campaign and got in touch with Verena through a friend. Although she had - according to her own information - little experience with product photos, she has implemented our wishes perfectly. She was very responsive to our ideas and enriched them with a very good eye, very good knowledge and additionally with magical image editing.
We are extremely pleased with the result and would strongly recommend her.

Very pleasant person with whom the order is in the foreground.
We look forward to working with her again."

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